Sealing machine purchase advice


If you want to extend the shelf life, in addition to buying a vacuum packaging machine, the most economical way is to use "sealed packaging", such as food, electronic equipment, medical equipment, etc. After sealing and packaging, moisture, impurities and viruses in the air will affect the product. The quality factor can greatly reduce the impact on your product, and it is more convenient to carry.

However, when you turn on the computer and look for a sealing machine or a film sealing machine, the search engine shows a dazzling array of information, the models are big and small, and the prices vary greatly. The smart bosses, when buying a sealing machine, how to choose the right one? What about your own sealer?

Today, let the editor of ASIA & SUN MOON CORPORATION share it with you.

Common sealing machines have two heating methods: instantaneous heating (instant heating), direct heating (continuous heating);
Models are divided into four categories: hand pressure sealing machine, foot sealing machine, electric sealing machine and continuous sealing machine.

Instant heat sealing machine series

A very simple tabletop small sealing machine, according to the specifications you choose, it is about the same length as the keyboard, because the machine is small, the structure is simple, and the price is natural and lovely.

When the amount of sealing gradually increases, or the product to be packaged is relatively large and heavy, you can choose a pedal-type instant heat sealing machine. This model will have a large foot pedal under the body, allowing you to use The way of stepping on the foot to start the sealing is relatively labor-saving and can also slightly increase the output.

When the output reaches a certain number, you will feel sore hands and feet, then it is time to let the machine help you!

The electric instant heat sealing machine has a small foot pedal that can be moved. If you press it lightly, it will automatically help you to do the pressing and sealing action. The time can be controlled on the computer panel, and even the cooling time can be set. The cost is relatively high. But it is quite labor-saving, and it is much smaller than the continuous sealing machine, which can maximize your space.

There are three points to pay attention to when purchasing an instant heat sealing machine.

How to choose the sealing width?

All instant thermal models basically have different widths to choose from. Common specifications are 2mm, 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm. The wider the line, the larger the transformer is to support, so as to achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. The 2mm model is directly replaced with a wide wire. Due to the insufficient power supply of the original transformer, it will lead to the possibility of burning the sealing wire. It is really necessary to pay special attention! !

As for how to choose?

The first element is of course to look at the material of the packaging bag. If it is a thin plastic bag, generally choose a 2mm model.

If you use the inner and outer coffee bags, general aluminum foil bags, vacuum bags, flat kraft paper bags, handmade biscuit bags, candy bags, nougat paper bags, etc., it is recommended to buy a model with a size of 5mm or more.


★Cooling action★

Most people ignore the cooling action. The cooling action is actually quite important. For many people to omit this action, the packaging effect is extremely poor, and the consumables will be damaged quickly. Many unscrupulous merchants will deliberately not remind this action. If your consumables are damaged and then repurchase it, this is really worth it!

Here we are directly revealing the cooldown tricks! !
In fact, when you are sealing (the temperature should not be too high), after pressing the sealing light off, do not let go of your hands or feet, continue to press down for three to five seconds and then release, at this time, the cooling action will condense The packaging bag will be sealed more firmly, and the consumables can be used for a long time~
Yes, the cooling action is so simple.

The direct heating type sealing machine uses two heating blocks up and down to continuously heat, mainly used for thick bags. Because the instantaneous heating method cannot reach the temperature that can be sealed for thick bags, it was developed and marketed; However, the direct heating type has certain dangers due to the continuous heating. If it is accidentally touched, it will cause burns. Therefore, in addition to the continuous sealing machine, this type of direct heating type has been gradually phased out in the market. Transformer, and the instantaneous heat sealing machine that can seal up and down.

I just mentioned that there is another type of sealing machine on the market, that is, continuous sealing machine. This model is suitable for manufacturers with large output. This model only needs to manually feed your products into the conveyor belt one by one. , go through the procedures of sealing, cooling, printing (optional), and then drop directly into the box you prepared. This is the fastest and most productive option in the semi-automatic sealing machine at present, but because it is a direct heating structure, so Thinner bags are less suitable, so pay attention to this.


We recommend choosing a mid-priced machine according to manufacturing needs. Don't pursue imported brands with the highest price. After all, hard-earned money is hard-earned, and you shouldn't choose the cheapest packaging machine in the budget. "Every penny, every product", bosses should evaluate carefully.

Choose a manufacturer

當今市場上的封口機品質,乍看都差不了多少, 主要考量的是後續維修保養的問題,有 時候不擔心沒預算維修,而是擔心找不到人修, 所以選購封口機時, 盡可能挑選有營利事業登記證及工廠登記證的公司、 服務態度親切、接洽過程融洽等, 這些都會讓您機台用起來更加的放心! 而只有網路賣場的店家, 您可能要擔心隨時因為賣場下架而找不到人做後續處理,變成機台孤兒! 最後,機械設備和人一樣, 都需要多愛護點,輕拿輕放,保持乾淨、乾燥, 這樣除了耗材及天災人損外, 要用個5年以上是沒有問題的唷~ 以上是在選購封口機時,需要考慮的幾點建議, 通過以上的分析,相信您也對封口機有了一個全新的認識, 若還有任何疑問,也歡迎您加入百耀包裝機械官方LINE, 本廠客服人員將竭誠為您服務