Vacuum packaging machine purchase suggestions


If you want to extend the shelf life, the easiest way is to use "vacuum packaging", and you must come into contact with many vacuum-packed commodities, such as food, electronic equipment, medical equipment, etc., because the vacuum can effectively isolate the moisture in the air, Factors that affect product quality such as impurities and viruses can prolong the shelf life of products.

But when you turn on the computer and look for a vacuum packaging and sealing machine, the search engine is full of information, the models are big and small, and the price varies greatly. The smart bosses, when buying a vacuum packaging and sealing machine, how should you choose the right one for you? What about the vacuum packaging sealing machine?

Today, let the editor of ASIA & SUN MOON CORPORATION share it with you. There are two types of common food vacuum packaging and sealing machines:

Household vacuum machine

A very mini small vacuum machine, the size of the machine is about the same as that of the keyboard, because the machine is small, the structure is simple, and the price is natural and lovely; and this small body, there are also styles with or without suction nozzles~

This style is similar to the principle of a vacuum cleaner. When the machine is running, it will start to pump air through the suction nozzle, but impurities such as dust, moisture, oil and debris in the product will also enter through the suction nozzle. to the fuselage, resulting in a short life of the machine.
In view of this, the improved version adds a filter dust canister behind the fuselage, because this canister can filter a little of the above-mentioned impurities, so many sellers exaggerate their claims that they can be used in both wet and dry, and even modify the motor to increase the power, intending to dominate the world ! (below background music ♫)

The dream is beautiful, but it's time to wake up. To increase the life of the machine, what should be done is to prevent impurities from entering the fuselage. Increasing the motor will indeed increase the power, but it will also absorb more impurities, but these impurities exceed the pipeline in the fuselage. Load, before the filter dust collector, the machine will cause blockage. Even if the internal pipeline is cleaned regularly, the gap will become larger due to disassembly and assembly, the suction will become weaker and weaker after a long time, and the final maintenance cost will be Not in line with the benefits had to say goodbye to the machine.

There is also a household vacuum machine without suction nozzles on the market, which requires the use of patented striped vacuum bags (higher cost) to allow the vacuum machine to operate and package smoothly. The program is automatically controlled, and the overall operating experience is easy and easy. It is impossible to install a filter dust collector, and it is damaged due to inhalation of impurities. Finally, the maintenance cost is not in line with the benefits, so I have to say goodbye to the machine.
Based on the above introduction, the household vacuum packaging machine is actually not suitable for extracting products such as soup, water, oil powder, etc., but for the household customer group who does not have such a high demand for vacuum sealing packaging, it is indeed a high CP value and worth starting an item, but the machine Don't ask too much about the lifespan. If you need to do business, or you can't accept the fragility of the lifespan of household vacuum machines, please continue to read our next introduction~

Professional Vacuum Machine

Don't be frightened by the word "professional". Professional vacuums can only be used by experts or in business. The differences between professional vacuums and household vacuums are as follows:
1. (different performance) Equipped with an oil type Vacuum pump motor.
2. (Space size) There is an inner cavity type space.
3. (Vacuum and sealing effect) The vacuum time and sealing temperature can be freely set and adjusted as needed.

First of all, when we choose a professional vacuum machine, we must first see if it can vacuum pack both dry and wet foods. Some cheaper vacuum packers are equipped with dry vacuum pump motors (no oil changes), and can only pump dry products. , such as dry goods, cat and dog food types, etc.

However, if you want to vacuum seafood, meat and other soup, water, oil and powder type food, then you must pay attention to whether it is equipped with an oil-type vacuum pump motor (which can be regularly oil-changed and maintained).

Vacuum oil can lubricate and prevent impurities from affecting the rotation of the motor blades. Just like a vehicle, regular oil change and maintenance can make the vacuum pump motor last longer. If it is a dry model, it is like a small household vacuum machine.

The brand of vacuum pump may also be the focus of many people after price comparison. Imported big brands will definitely have a relatively long life, but they still need maintenance and maintenance, otherwise they will be damaged!

At this time, in addition to the brand, you also need to consider the maintenance cost. Like imported cars, the same part of the failure, the maintenance cost is very different, so when purchasing, choose a vacuum packaging machine product testing service and complete operation teaching. It is very important to purchase from a Taiwan-made entity manufacturer. If there is any maintenance and warranty in the future, please ask for help, and you can also get more protection!

Next is to look at the performance of the vacuum machine. The performance determines our output. If the output is very large and the efficiency is very low, it will feel very manic-depressed.

The performance can be understood from the combination of the vacuum pump motor and the space:
the size of the space (sealing length) determines the size of the space (sealing length) that can be used to store large packages of products for vacuuming, or to put multiple packages of small products at the same time for vacuum sealing packaging to save time,
and Different spaces need to be equipped with vacuum pump motors of different horsepower. Common vacuum pump motors are divided into 3/4HP, 1/2HP, and 1HP, but in fact, there is no need to be too obsessed with horsepower specifications. For example, the maximum vacuum pump motor that can be installed in a small oil-type vacuum packaging machine is 3 /4HP, then it is meaningless to blindly require the specification of 1HP. One is that it cannot be installed in the machine, and the other is that the size of the space has its limit of air extraction; each product and packaging size has a different time. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a Taiwanese manufacturer that can provide vacuum packaging machine product testing services and complete operation teaching. It also makes you have a better idea of ​​the effect of the product after vacuum packaging!

The last thing is to look at the sealing effect of the vacuum machine. Too thin sealing line will easily leak air in the vacuum package. Like ordinary sealing machines, choose a sealing line of more than 5mm as much as possible, which will greatly increase the effect of vacuum sealing. Otherwise, buy The vacuum packaging machine was installed, but the air leaked before shipment. Wouldn't it be a waste of food and hard work, it's not worth the loss!


We recommend choosing a mid-priced machine according to manufacturing needs. Don't pursue imported brands with the highest price. After all, hard-earned money is hard-earned, and you shouldn't choose the cheapest packaging machine in the budget. "Every penny, every product", bosses should evaluate carefully.

Choose a manufacturer

The quality of vacuum packaging machines on the market today is not much different at first glance. The main consideration is the issue of follow-up maintenance. Sometimes I am not worried about not having a budget for maintenance, but I am worried about not being able to repair it. Therefore, when purchasing a vacuum packaging machine , Try to choose a company with a for-profit business registration certificate and a factory registration certificate, a friendly service attitude, a harmonious contact process, etc. These will make your machine more assured! For those who only have online stores, you may have to worry about being an orphan of the machine because you can’t find anyone for follow-up treatment because the store is closed at any time! Finally, just like people, machinery and equipment need more care, handle with care, keep it clean and dry, so that in addition to consumables and natural disasters, it is no problem to use it for more than 5 years~ The above is for purchase There are several suggestions to consider when using a vacuum packaging machine. Through the above analysis, I believe that you also have a new understanding of the vacuum packaging machine. If you have any questions, you are also welcome to join the official LINE of ASIA & SUN MOON CORPORATION. Our factory Customer service staff will serve you wholeheartedly.