SML-3500 Liquid filling machine


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SML-3500 Liquid filling machine
Our factory is specially designed the machine for liquid filling needs.
Simple structure, affordable, welcome to inquire.

High Quality, Stable and Durable !!

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Product introduction:
SML-3500 Liquid filling machine, adopts magnetic gear pump as liquid conveying power,
Our factory is specially designed the machine for liquid and paste filling needs.
Suitable for manufacturers of daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, night markets, etc.

Product Features:
Simple operation, simple adjustment and reliable quality.
It can quantitatively fill most types of non-particle-containing, non-acid-base corrosive liquids.
Suitable for filling flowing liquid products, such as soy sauce, fruit juice, soy milk, mineral water, etc.

- Voltage: 110V / 220V
- Accuracy: 1%
- Maximum flow: 1.5 L/min

335 x 280 x 140 mmH

10 Kg。

Operation video:

Machine cost is E.X.W. Taiwan

Within 45~60 days after receipt your 50% T/T at sight.

Before 30 days from shipment arrived.

Additional information


110V, 220V + NT$ 2,000

Analysis and Testing

預約試機 (請加本廠官方LINE預約時間), 寄送樣袋樣品分析測試 (請加本廠官方LINE洽詢), 海外配送 (請加本廠官方LINE洽詢)